I my self am third generation carpenter and woodscraftsmen. Ever since the time of my grandfather Johannes and my father Ole has my family built houses, windows, doors, framings and floor boards. We have manufactured kitchens, dressers and chests, closets and stairs. In the old days we made hubs and spokes for horse drawn carriages and many, many other things. We have planed and milled, bent and veneered wood of all types – each of which were chosen uniquely for its intended use.

Through generations, we acquired these skills and the knowledge of the different types of wood and their unique qualities, strengths and limitations. This solid craftsmanship was what I was brought up with from childhood.

The experiences from this tradition based refined craftsmanship, combined with the curiosity of seeking out the outer limitations and possibilities of the performance of processed wood, was the start of Mimondo.

Today we have a wide range of conscientious and skilled carpenters and woodcraftsmen whom each have specific core competencies within our trade. This gives us the wide array of skills needed to make The Wave bed.

We are proud to say that we have used our many years of experience to continue the Scandinavian tradition of woodcraft that our ancestors used all the way back to the age of the Vikings whom used these skills to bend wood and make their ships.

All though we have refined the process of bending wood it is still the basic skill used to make The Wave bed.


Klaus Bjerre, carpenter

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